Organic mind



“Enhancing our territory means first of all to protect it”


In order to endorse our territory we are strongly convinced that we should protect it first. Since the beginning of our adventure, we have considered organic agriculture to be the best and most “natural” choice to make. In the past few years, to preserve the natural diversity of Lazio territory, we have thus aimed to transform a merely organic agriculture into a bio-dynamic one. Since 2011 all Le Rose white wines have been labelled as “organic” and we have stopped the production of red wines (for which we used cesanese


grapes from an old vineyard in Olevano Romano) and planted new vines. We have also reduced to a minimum quantity sulfur and copper (although they are usually employed in organic winery) since they add an unnecessary metal supply to the soil. We are indeed experimenting new grape protection techniques, working on better pruning techniques to strengthen our plants and fostering the use of marine algae extracts which would take the place of the sulfur and copper.

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