Our Vision

Organic and Family-owned Winery

Overlooking the Roman countryside and the shimmering Tyrrenian sea, Azienda Agricola Le Rose is an organic & family-owned winery established in the Velletri countryside in 2003. Located in the renowned wine region of Castelli Romani, which has been famous for the excellence of its natural products since the Ancient Roman times, Le Rose is a dream come true. A strong passion for quality organic products and the idea of a family-run innovative business, which is inseparable from land conservation, lie behind our common vision. Helped by the notable and courageous oenologist Luca D’Attoma, in fact, we engaged in the quest for new grape varieties to enrich and renew local ones.

Never neglecting the superior excellence of our wines, our family found the rare recipe for the mixture between tradition, innovation and environmental care. In order to create strong-personality wines with no aggressive touch, we added fiano grape variety (that could be found in our region in the past and is typically grown on volcanic areas) petit & gros manseng (used for the late harvest) and cesanese to malvasia puntinata and verdicchio (or trebbian verde). Since we do strongly believe in the search for excellence no matter what as a mean to relaunch the long disregarded potentialities of our Lazio territory, we are truly committed to create quality, healthy and sustainable products.

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