The way we do it


“Organic and Family-owned Winery”


Here at Azienda Agricola Le Rose, in order to preserve from dispersion all precious organolectic properties of the grapes, harvest is handmade and vinification starts immediately. The whole vinification is made under controlled temperature: this is how we prevent fermentation to start before must is put in barrels and, at the same time, allow every different grape to keep and develop its peculiar aroma. The harvested grapes go then through a particular machinery, called grainer, that carefully divides grapes from rasps and prevents the former from breaking.


The process of pressing is then made with a soft press machinery. The skin cryo-maceration lasts for twelve hours and, once all residuals are discarded, the must is brought to a 14°C/57.2°F temperature and so kept for the whole fermentation process (20 days average). An optimal grape’s yield, requiring a low sulfites addition, is allowed by the soft pressing process and the skin cryo-maceration. When the fermentation process ends, our wine starts its ageing process in concrete, steel and wooden barrels. After a three month bottle ageing process our wines are finally ready to be tasted.

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